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In conjunction with Region 11, we now have a video of me teaching the 268 Principal Preparation Seminar to their cohort available for purchase for $200. Students may purchase it, then view it in the comfort of their home, or wherever they have internet accessability.

The video is approximately 4 hours long and covers everything on the 268.

Contact me with any questions ( or my technician, Betsy Ruffin at, to actually order the video.

For further questions on TExES content, contact Dr. Wilmore at

The premier guide to acing the exam—completely revised!

When the toughest test in Texas gets updated, it’s a big deal. Luckily, this best-selling preparation guide—the secret weapon Texas educators use to take their careers to the next level—has been updated right along with it. Now in its third edition, it’s the resource you need to be at your best for the test.

Available from Corwin Press

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